Porsche car worth £100k has ‘April Fool’ scrawled across it by brazen vandals

A £100,000 Porsche car had the words “April Fool” scrawled across it by brazen vandals in a London street.

The expensive Panamera S was damaged in an upmarket neighbourhood popular with celebrities close to Primrose Hill, north London.

Pictures of the black sports car show pink and white paint had been hurled at it.

The driver’s side had the word “April” written across it, while “Fool” was written across the passenger side.

Sawdust-like grain was also poured across the top of the swanky car.

It was spotted in Haverstock Hill, an area where Daniel Craig, Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and Lily James have called home.

On top of that the car’s four tyres were slashed – causing around £1,600 worth of damage.

While the car’s tinted windows were also covered in paint.

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It is thought to have happened in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

It is unclear why the expensive car, which can sell for upwards of £100,000, was targeted.